Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Year ....New Thoughts

Well precious friends here we are at a new road, new year, new decisions and new thought patterns or maybe not?

We start every new year with gusto, lists in our hand feeling so satisfied that we have chosen a higher way, a better way , that this year will be different to any other. We set ourselves impossible goals, impossible schemes and forget to place them all at the feet of the Dream Giver.

Oh no, I can hear you dispair "Is it wrong to have goals , to want to change? "

No my beloved it is RIGHT! "Well " I can just hear you think , "then how does that fit?"

You ask really good questions.

When we ponder our goals ponder them with Him, when we set our goals, consult Him our Abba first and see if they fit with His goals for you! This dearest friends is the pathway to success, so often we try and squeeze God into our plans , into our schedule only to find it becomes a minefield of challenges and then we bemoan our fate and ask why it did not work out!

So clear the junk out of your trunk, bury old "corpses" ( old stinking thinking, old habits) and smile, face the future knowing who you are and beloved have the best year ever no matter what.



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