Wednesday, 11 January 2012

So often we enjoy the things that we stagnate on...George and I have a favourite coffee shop, a favourite drive, I have a favourite outfit, favourite music etc

2 of the girls have moved, Leonie leaves for Auckland and Myra has moved back to their lifestyle block.
I was feeling really sad about all the "movement" when the Lord gently reminded me that the devotional I am writing is called "A NEW SEASON , A NEW SONG".  Well, yes, we need new songs, not that the old ones aren't anointed but we need NEW WINE!  Hallelujah, we need to breathe clean fresh air, we need to drink pure running water, NOT, stagnant water!

So today surrender yourself to the fresh "newness" of what God would pour into your life, surrender to the plan, because dearly beloved one we are constantly moving forward NOT camping!

What a mighty God we serve!
Love you every day

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