Tuesday, 29 November 2011

So.....Consider this

How are you all doing?

I have been thinking about Job's wife recently. As you know my "filler" job is counselling until God releases me back into full time ministry.

Job 2:9 is relevant. I have been dealing with a few women who have lost so much in the Christchurch earthquake. They have become embittered, even those who know God seem to want to have nothing to do with Him and encourage those they care deeply for to "curse" God .

When will you allow your heart not to be turned from the joy of intimacy with Him? When will you stop berating the Lord for the "things" that you believe He has taken away from you?

When will you sit and rather hand your grief to Him, the lover of your soul.

Ponder today the events of your life, how you perceive them, how you present. Think of God and His great love for you, so much so that He gave His Son for ALL who would believe in Him.

God Bless you and I love youevery day !

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A_Esteves said...

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BetweenYou and Me