Saturday, 11 July 2009

Have you seen?

Have you seen a dead man talking;
Witnessed yet, a lame man walking,
A man with blind eyes sees again,
A leprous man… now void of pain.

Have you seen water turned to wine,
Witnessed demons cast into swine;
Young girls raised now from the dead,
A mother cured …on her death bed.

Have you seen Him walk on water,
Feed nine thousand and not falter,
Stopping a storm with one raised hand,
Restoring sight with spit and sand,

Have you seen Him nailed to a cross,
Mankind’s gain, but Satan’s loss,
He bled and died for you and me,
Bearing the sins of humanity;

Have you seen my precious Lord,
Holding fast salvations sword;
Beckoning you “Come trust in Me,
From this time until… eternity”

Have you seen…Jesus my Lord?

With thanks to Louise for forwarding this to me!

Hugs Sharmaine

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