Thursday, 23 April 2009

My Father

I love my Abba, He is everything to me. We watched God the Perfect Father...this was with some experience with earthly fathers was not one that I would ascribe to...but with the gentleness of God my Father over a number of years I learnt His gentleness, strength and commitment to me.

I learnt to run into His Presence, just like a child, to entreat Him as a daughter and to dance and be a little wild. I learnt His indulgence and I learnt His strength...I love Him.

How have you learnt to know Him, how do you know Him.... He is my...

Elohim-God the Creator

Jehova-The Great I Am

El Shaddai-Almighty God who is more than enough

Adonai-Thae Lord and Master

Jehova Jireh- our Provider

Jehovah Rapha-Our Healer

Jehova Nissi-His Banner over us

Jehovah Mekaddesh-Our Sanctifier

Jehovah Shalom-God our Peace

Jehovah Tsidkenu-Our Righteousness

Jehovah Raah-The Lord our Shepherd

Jehovah Shammah- our ever Present Lord

Seek Him, Reach Him He wants to hear your voice hear your dreams and your aspirations(even though He knows them) He cares so much about you that even the very hairs on your head are numbered and He knows every time you loose 1.

Remember God and I love you today and always


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