Saturday, 28 April 2012

My Dear Friends

I am so very excited, my friend Andrew Halsall, a well known photographer have joined forces to finally put together our new devotional "A NEW SEASON A NEW SONG".  We will be using some of Andrews amazing photos and new devotional material.

If any of you want to contribute, please send me your contributions and of course you will get the credit for it.

So how are you all doing?  I was at Forerunners International again and Family Christian Church in Brisbane.  God was so incredible I ministered at the missions conference and at the first WAA (WOMANS APOSTOLIC ALLIANCE) conference.  What a day we had, a day of intimacy with God, good fellowship and some new friendships formed.  It was absolutly fabulous!!

It seems difficult to get back to every day life!  The Lord has been gracious and I noow have my own consulting room and am being blessed with enough work which helps me to travel and preach.

So for today I stand in the goodness of God and as the song says , "Dancing with my Father in the fields of grace"

Love you all


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