Saturday, 10 March 2012

Its so great to be back from Forerunners International Prophetic School but at the same time there is a space in my heart that craves the intimacy of worship and friendship that I experienced over the 10 days I was hosted there.
It is amazing to find the place where you come home.  It is a spiritual recognition that is not possible to explain.

Lynne Hamilton is a General and a spiritual giant, a compassionate, caring woman who does not "play games" as she has too much to accomplish and do.  I believe she has about 174 churches who relate to her and this is growing daily.  How very fortunate I am to be counted as an Apostle in the house.

So for today I am grateful to Forerunners and all the apostles and Prophets that I spent time with!

Whoop whoop the future is so exciting

Love you all

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BetweenYou and Me