Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Which Road Will You Walk On Today?

Dear Friends

It is the most glorious day.

On days like today it is easy to look around us and have an abundant heart, a heart filled with praise and gratitude, a time of rejoicing in what we have been given.

What happens when the storm clouds gather and the road ahead looks dark and troublesome? Do we take the time to see the little miracles around us? Do we understand that even surviving the storm is evidence of God's goodness and mercy towards us.

What about the protection we have during the storm? I read somewhere that wonderment strengthens humility and from that grows love!

I have grown tired of arrogant preachers and arrogant Christians who have somehow transcended beyond amazing grace! I long for (and am really privleged to have 2 women like this in my life) people who have weathered the storm and still are grateful, people who have washed the feet of Jesus with their tears and love much because they know they are forgiven much.

Today if you have a judgemental or critical spirit, put it aside, spend time with Jesus, explain your struggles and ask Him to heal you from this place this terrible disease of arrogance and receive the sweet anointing of gratitude and love that will flood your soul.

Remember Jesus and I love you
When we have this gift how often do we stop and look around us for those little everyday mi

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