Sunday, 6 April 2008


Dear Friends,

Tonight I am really missing you all. It was one of those special ministry days, a family we prayed for so much has returned to church and we had a few visitors, however the sweet presence of God was very much present, but after the service I realised something was missing, YOU !!!

How I miss the times we fellowshiped and laughed and shared a pot of chocolate....breakfast...lunch....

Know I miss you and have this poem for you:-

I woke this morning and Jesus said to me
Child take care
A friend such as this is hard to find.
One who loves
with such freedom
and abandon
is rare and precious and to valuable to throw around.
My heart broke and I sighed
and wished and prayed
for time to spend with my friends like
this who are hard to find
The Lord took pity and took my hand
and said
My child
they are only as far
as the next prayer away.
My heart lifted and I started to pray with glee
Knowing my friends
My family would receive
my love in letters
dropped into their hearts
each time I took the time to
say a prayer for them.
This is from my heart to you today
I hope all my love is being received through the prayers I pray.

So know I love you all

So does Jesus



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Deborah said...

Hi there I miss you too so much, I am able to connect in the evenings or early mornings, know that you are loved and much missed, love to George and the whole church. love always me

BetweenYou and Me

BetweenYou and Me