Monday, 28 April 2008


I was sitting watching people, do you ever do that? I realised and always have known that evry persons life is a book a complete story from the time they are born till the day they die.

Every story has so much to tell....pain, sorrow, laughter. Every story has 24 hours of every day to earse the past and begin a new story...God allows us that grace..the grace of erasing our sins by confessing them, and receiving the forgiveness purchased for us on the cross.

What a price He payed, the Son of the Living God, what a gift He gave us, the gift of eternal life.

Of course we are all going to live for ever, either in hell or heaven, I guess the choice is ours.

What will your choice be this week? What lines will you write in the pages of your book. What will the annals of your life speak about?

Let us choose life today, eternal life with Him....He who died for us, rose again on the third day, He is calling you if you have never known Him, if you have but have not walked where you should for a while, go back, repent, receive His forgivness, plug yourself into a good bible based church, and serve Him, serve Him with joy.

Do not look to the left or right, do not focus on the mistakes and challenges others have, serve Him, love His people and as the old old song says....let Him put His Joy in your heart.

Have a fabulous week

Always in friendship

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