Sunday, 9 March 2008


Well autumn had certainly arrived in Christchurch. I love autumn. Not only am I in the autum of y life but it is an eclectic time of the year, a time of beautiful days and crisp clear nights, a time of seasons change and a time to actually ARISE, SHINE FOR YOUR LIGHT HAS COME.

Girls it is time to get up from that feeling of depression and inertia, time to shake off the cobwebbs and time to NOT have the blueberry muffins.....

Seriously as we breathe the air of change there are so many old things that keep us bound up, so many responsibilities, so many cares....lets cast our burdens on Him, the Master, Jesus is calling us to lay down those things that so easily encumber and ensnare us...when last have you had time for you...let your hair down a little, watched a movie, read a good book.

Stress can cause a host of emotional, spiritual, and physical problems. None of us, however, can avoid stress completely. The key is not to eliminate stress, but to handle it in a way that is godly and productive. Holly G. Miller, in her article for Today’s Christian Woman, said if stress is carefully harnessed, it can create positive results in our lives. These results include increased productivity, greater effectiveness, and renewed energy.
How can we harness stress to make us more productive? What is the difference between stress and worry? How do we deal with the stresses of life without it affecting our physical, emotional, and spiritual health in a negative way? Is it possible stress can be good for us? How can we glorify God despite our stressful circumstances?

I read in Christianity Today that we should first: (adapted to suit)

1. Identify the Stress
2. Discover the eternal principles - Meditate on the Word of God
3. No matter what we are up against God will give us the peace and serenity and strength to face what we are going through
4. Realise you are GOING THROUGH and will not stay there unless you decide to camp there!
5. Find time to be alone with God
6. Worship your way through
7. Adjust your attitude
8. Give yourself time

It is time for change I encourage you today, LET GO and LET GOD.

Remember God loves you and I am so grateful for your friendship


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