Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Well, well, Tuesday is here so quickly...it seems as if Monday just whisked by! Do any of you experience that? Do your days just wish by in a blur? Well, God has been impressing this whole time issue on my heart just recently.

Time is the one thing we can not get back, yes God CAN and WILL redeem time to you He will give back what the locusts have eaten, but all the money in the world cannot purchased the time that has just passed by.

So on this Tuesday, let us treat each second with respect, knowing we are accountable for it. In the rush of the day, let us remember to give thanks, to praise Him for the wonders around us. Let us today, make sure of this one thing, that we will get to KNOW HIM. Not just superficially, but really get to know Him.

Lets get to know Him as our joy, as our peace, as our, all and all. You see friends, it is about intimacy. Intimacy stands for :- in to me you see. I want Jesus to see in to me and I want to see in to Him.

May your day today be intimate with the King, may your day be filled with joy and therefor be filled with strength.

You are special !!!!

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Anonymous said...

Do more than belong,participate Do more than care,help
Do more than believe,practice
Do more than be fair,be kind
Do more than forgive,forget.
Do more than dream,work.
Do not wish that it were easier,wish you were better
Do not wish for less problems, wish for more skills
Do not wish for less challenges,wish for more wisdom
and always remember the future comes one day at a time!!

GOD has granted us A NEW DAY,we don't know if this could be our last day, what are we going to do to make the best out of this day!

Love Always

BetweenYou and Me

BetweenYou and Me