Sunday, 18 October 2009


I do not know how you view faith, to me faith is a very important part of my relationship with God.

Without faith in all the years gone by I am quite sure I would have been lost.

Let me share with you. I was an adopted child, adopted into a family where the mother never really wanted me but had me for the sake of her husband. Alas he died when I was 5 so since then I had to endure the ministrations of a woman saddled with a child she never ever really wanted. (Praise God she gave her life to Christ just before she died!)

I searched for my "real" family all over the world imagining 1 000 000 ways that our initial greeting would take place. Would we float into each others arms, weeping tears of reconciliation....or would I meet my mother and she would wrap her arms around me and tell me she was young and foolish and how much she has prayed for me all her life......etc etc etc. (MY mother and father were dead by the time I traced my family)

Well I found my 2 sisters the one was terribly embarrassed and made sure I understood there was no "inheritance " due to me, the other tried but....

I then found my brother after much searching. A big gentle giant of a man, but because I got a lift with someone else could only see him for half an hour.

After a while I tried to contact him again but he had moved to Cape Town and so...there I was again asking my heavely Father 100's of questions.

About 2 weeks or so ago the Lord I truly believe it was HIM, reminded me of my search so I got up, very, very early and emailed all the addresses I could find in a small village where I believed my brother to be.

Guess what friends I got a reply from a very special Christian Lady who passed my message to my brother and he sent one back saying he loved me and wanted contact.

Today I received an email from my brother, it began with:

My darling Charmaine
You were unfortunately the lost child of our family I have often thought of you in my life and as you know I have always been a fisherman.

Well I am still very overcome with emotion, friends today I want to share with you that for the second time SHE THAT WAS LOST NOW IS FOUND!

And not only that, but my brother is a fisherman, he loves the Lord and while he fishes for fish I fish for souls!!!!

I am totally overwhelmed at my Heavenly Fathers favour, He promises us the desires of our hearts and if we will only believe..........

Having stood in faith for many years I have a brother.!

If you have something that you are trusting God for NEVER EVER GIVE UP!!!!

God is faithful and if you will stand and let your faith touch Him, you my friends will be amazed at what will happen.

So on this special day, from my heart to yours


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