Thursday, 22 January 2009


I just love what Jean Nicholas Grou (1730-1803) said in his classic book "HOW TO PRAY", he said,

"You ask me what this voice of the heart is. It is love which is the voice of the heart. Love God and you will always be speaking to Him. The seed of love is growth in prayer. If you do not understand that, you have never yet either loved or prayed. Ask God to open your heart and kindle in it a spark of His love and then you will begin to understand what praying means."

Wow what powerful words! I do not have very much if anything to add, maybe just to ask you a few questions:-

  • How much do you love Him?

  • When last have you had intimate communication with Him? (intimate standing for in to me you see)

  • Have you taken the time to see into Him?

  • Stop and be quiet and listen to the wonderful things He will share with you, when you have finished praying do not just run away, but wait, be quiet and listen.

Remember you are valuable and precious

In friendship


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