Sunday, 27 July 2008


So many women have asked me the significance of our banner of the woman with one tear signified by a pearl running down her face...well where do I begin....

Firstly every human being is so very precious to God....every soul is a PEARL OF GREAT PRICE, but somehow every tear we cry in the still of the night is so valuable to our Lord, He keeps every tear as precious before Him.

It is so important to hear Him calling you in the still of the night to hear His voice as it impels you, as it urges you, to come, just as you are, to come and have sweet fellowship with Him.

He is not interested in the techniques you would use to pray, or how politically correct you want everything to be, He just wants intimacy with you, (in to me you see, and in to you I see). He wants you to tell Him your fears, share your triumphs, share your doubts...He wants you to talk to Him, really talk to Him.

You see, when God sent Jesus, He never sent His favourite Son to die for you, He never sent one of His Sons to die for you my precious friend He sent His ONLY BELOVED Son to die for you....Jesus was the Pearl of Great Price and so are you.

Have an awesome week,

In friendship and love


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