Monday, 1 October 2007


I have been thinking much recently about Abigail, Nabal's wife. (Read about them from 1 Samuel 25:3)

He was very much like the meaning of his name, a fool, she was a wise dilligent wife.Nabal was wealthy and you probably find that her family had wed Abigail to Nabal for his wealth.

The Bible speaks very highly of her and shows Abigail as a woman of faith.What a mismatched pair they were. It would have been easy for Abigail to have been bitter and resentful, however she served her household with grace.

We read an account in scripture of how Nabal offended King David, Abigail in her wisdom did not argue with her husband, instead she set about righting the wrong, efficiently and wisely.

We read how King David appreciated Abigails faith and good qualities and thanked God for her.It is sad that while Abigail was negotiating a peace plan her husband was part of a drunken revelry.

Needles to say when Nabal heard wht Abigail had done he had a stroke or siezure of kinds and died. King David immediatly sought Abigails hand in marriage.

In a moment of favour she went from being a fools wife to being a kings bride.

There are so many examples of faithfulness in Abigails life. When I looked at her life I began to wonder how we would have reacted to being married to such a brutish lout? I wonder how gracious we would have been, and if we would have allowed biterness and resentment to embed their poisen deep within our beings?

Abigail clothed herself in humility, and through her eample she has paved the way for all women of strength to walk humbly before their God and make peace in broken and often violent relationships.

Abigail teaches us that God and God alone can bring tranquility to broken lives.

Through God we can experience life and life more abundantly.

Hugs and blessings to you all

Remember God loves you so do I



Deborah said...

Hey that is a wow photo, I miss you so much my dear mom in the Lord. Shar what a blessing you are.
love always me

Anonymous said...

She really was a women to be admired. I think your photo is one of the best I have seen of you. Looking good Sharmaine, New Zealand agrees with you!!God Bless!

Lady Bea Morgan said...

Thank you, I am going to study Abigail in-depth. I have experienced so much and she reminds me of me, Lady Bea Morgan.

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