Saturday, 7 July 2007


Have you ever noiced how much we all have to say. Although it is school holidays in CHCH we decided scones and tea were in order. What fun we had. The children were so well behaved and we discussed vision reading from the book of Ruth and discussing the miracle of milk that came from Naomi (Ruth 4:16). This just cements that it is NEVER EVER too late for your vision, your dream to come to pass. Never ever give up, if God can cause milk to flow from an old woman's breast and she can suckle her grandchild, God can do it for you!!!


Anonymous said...

I love the new look, it looks really awsome! Your love for women is showing and I will always look up to you mom!!

I have made a choice to remain in the will of God and not to move under any circumstances (to a new fellowship and try and hide away from my calling and the molding God is doing) what ever the circumstances!!

I love you always!

Deborah said...

I am so jealous mmmmmmmmmmmmm I cant wait to be there and be part of all of this. love you so much. love always me

Anonymous said...

hi aunt Shar, i'm very proud of you and this awesome site that you've created, we miss you lots & think about you guys everyday... wish i was there, very lonely in SA with out all of you. nice to have mom visiting for a while. please give Ant and care bear my love, your grandchildren are just beautiful. love michelle

Anonymous said...

hi Aunty Shar, I'm very proud of you and this awesome site that you have created in NZ, i miss u all so much, i wish i was there too, but it's very lekker having mom visiting here for a while.
i'm lonely, have become withdrawn, i love you lots and lots, keep up the good work - love always michelle

Anonymous said...

Hi there to you CHCH ladies, seems like your tea party was a great success, will have to catch the next one or the next etc etc!!! In the meantime I have been spending time on the beach trying to get a little tan. Missing you all and look forward to seeing everyone soon.
Love to all,

Karen said...

I posted an entry yesterday 'blogs to visit' and listed yours, it is awesome. I hope I can get to your ChristChurch meet next year!

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